Refund Policy

Refunds are not provided for any services at S and M Diversion center.  If a deposit is required for an appointment /class etc., you must keep the appointment.  If not, you will lose the deposit.  Any deposits made will go towards to the total cost of service, and the balance must be paid for upon arrival for said appointment/class.  You are responsible for knowing what classes/services you need, and S and M Diversion Center will not and cannot be held responsible for charging/providing any services which you did not need.  If any deposits/fees paid are paid with a credit/debit, the credit card holder will be responsible for all charges, even if the client fails to attend the appointment class for any reason.


Rescheduling Policy

If an appointment/class needs to be rescheduled, then you must provide

S and M Diversion Center with a 24-hour notice.  If a 24-hour notice is not provided, then any deposits made will be forfeited.  As a courtesy, an appointment/class can be rescheduled one time only.  If you cancel your appointment/class, you will not receive a refund regardless if you have received services or not.


Attendance Policy

All appointments/classes will start in a timely manner, so please arrive to your appointment and ready for class either early or on time.  If you are more than 10 minutes late, you will not be allowed to take the class and you will forfeit your deposit or any money paid.


Privacy Policy

We at S and M Diversion Center take privacy and confidentiality seriously.  All appointments and classes are confidential, and we do not share any information about you without your consent.  Should any questions or concerns arise about these policies, please let us know.